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Desc:Life as a sardine sucks.
Category:Pets & Animals, Nature & Places
Tags:Whale, seal, Dennis Hopper, marlin, sardine
Submitted:Daniel Striped Tiger
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Also 4:30-4:50
Daniel Striped Tiger
are you making fun of my nose?

I was expecting an anime tale of how the Last Sardine got turned into a human by a second-rate wizard, befriended a wench, and went on a quest to find the other sardines.

But this is cool.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I was expecting a Roman sardine to free the sardine prince and bring him to Sardinia, where he would propagate a new kingdom from the genetic stocks they kept of his species.

I was expecting Tom Cruise.

that was pretty great filming.
i had no idea everything eats them.

dennis hopper could be the worst nature voice over actor i've ever heard.
Agree. Dennis Hopper made me turn the sound down and the straming chanting hindu devotionals up.

Also, does anyone else call 'The Hopper' Dennis? Like "Hey, I'm gonna put that shitty stop motion video I uploaded to youtube in Dennis and see how people vote?"

But yeah, Dennis Hopper is not vocally awesome.

He's still better than that National Geographic guy. "This sea lion left a sign on his door: GONE FISHIN'! Sprooiing! And now BLOOP a whale shows up! He's having a WHALE of a time, but he won't have any fish stories to tell, except about the fifty that got away! POOP!" Still, -1 for making the life and death struggles of fish just boring as hell.


Dennis sounds like he's struggling with dyslexia.

There needs to be a Bait Ball Week here - unfortunately, none of the bait ball footage on Youtube is as good as the stuff on Blue Planet, which may as well end with elephants, orcs and Galactus joining in on the sardine-massacring.
Sudan no1
Poor sardines. It's tough being delicious.
Being a pelagic fish of any sort fucking sucks. Everything wants to eat you.
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