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Desc:Chaplin pratfalls his way into our hearts.
Category:Classic Movies, Stunts
Tags:Stunts, chaplin, Charlie Chaplin, Charlie, pratfalls
Submitted:Johnny Madhouse
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Comment count is 28
Time and space be damned, I will marry that man.

first go back in time to when you were 12, then send your 12 year old self back in the time machine. that's the only way.

wtf japan
Chaplain's only fault was having a hard-on for sixteen-year-olds, which isn't so much a fault as an indication that he was alive.

Or wanted to live in kansas

ONLY fault?

being an adult who finds a 16 year old girl attractive is one thing. being an adult who fucks a 16 year girl is a whole other thing

wtf japan
It was the 20s! Everyone was doing it!

I can't wait until the 20s come around again.

Aww frick yeah!
Damn that's a nice clip. Perfect in every way.
did you watch the version without the moby song then?

In these times, it really would be smart of a comic actor to go back to Chaplin and study him well to learn how to do comedy that really empathizes with the lower classes. And I don't mean Larry the Cable Guy either. Whoever managed to capture that properly would become a big big star.
Jeff Fries
Greg Orlando where have you been

I must admit I was largely ignorant of Mr. Chaplin, but I can see how he has influenced a lot of performers. It seems like even Jackie Chan has taken a few pages from his book.

Ranma X.
I love Chaplin so much, especially City Lights and The Great Dictator.
You know how everything people want to label bad gets a Godwin?
This man wears the mustache, and yet no one can look upon him without a smile.

I'm convinced if you were to make a list of people who contributed to humanity this past century, he'd be up there with Einstein and Hendrix.

> You know how everything people want to label bad gets a
> Godwin? This man wears the mustache, and yet no one can
> look upon him without a smile.



He gets a comb mustache exemption for predating Hitler by several years.

One time he entered a Charlie Chaplin look-a-like contest and lost.

And the winner of that contest? A young man named Adolf Hitler. Believe it. . . or not!

Its the hat


Johnny Madhouse
The part at 1:50 was easily my favorite.
I love this so very much.
Lauritz Melchior
Chaplin was brilliant!

He not only starred in his own movies, but produced them, directed them, wrote them, composed for them and had a social and political conscience to boot!
j lzrd / swift idiot

And Moby, but eh.
What immeasurable talent.
I was surprised to learn that there were escalators built that early. Incidentally, the WP article on escalators is a pretty good read.
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