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Desc:Some POV Parkour
Category:Short Films, Sports
Tags:Parkour, Mirrors Edge, pov
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Comment count is 9
Yeah, the music is weak, and some of the stunts are fairly lame, but the POV is fun.

And by "fun" I mean "motion-sickness".
Blolf Witzer
Ugh, the song ruins it for me.
Caminante Nocturno
Diaper stunt at the end.
You think he could have found a better place than Gasworks Park.
Prickly Pete
Blech. Interesting idea but as far as I can tell it would be impossible to get these shots and make them actually look decent. Shakey shakey...
Well, it really isn't any more shaky than the video game.

Do you think your own eyeballs would be any more steady doing this?

Johnny Roastbeef
It's almost more impressive to me once it becomes clear that it's not a helmet cam, but a handheld camera that he's just holding as he runs.
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