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Desc:Can he make it in MMA without arms or legs?
Category:Horror, Sports
Tags:MMA, freaks, cripples, Kyle Maynard
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Dr Dim
I still have no idea what his gameplan was but I fucking LOVE this. Him scrambling for the other guy on his stumps is the most balls-out aggressive thing I've ever seen. If he woke up one day with limbs he'd be terrifying.

Having said that, he probably doesn't need to do it again.
The guy has a wrestling background. Was even able to win matches, but MMA is a different ball game.

He's planning on trying it again. The theory was that he would be hard to hit, and that since he's a legitimate wrestling threat (college-ranked) and can't be kicked because he's in a perpetual four-point stance, he should be able to shoot in and wrestle.

Which kind of makes him just a teense predictable. I mean, in wrestling your opponent HAS to grapple with you. Also, how are you going to finish a guy if you have no elbows for choking or hands for grasping?

I watched one of Kyle's matches from either NAGA or Grappler's Quest (both of which are submission grappling tournaments) and he finished one of his opponents with a modified (for people with no arms) head and arm choke. They look like this: http://www.mma-training.com/arm-triangle/

three and a half minutes of nothing to shouts of "GO KYLE!"
I'm sorry. I understand that it's inspriational and all, but why wouldn't the other guy just kick him in the face? Or pounce on him? It's not like he's going to grapple back.

Four stars for doing more without limbs than I've ever done with them, but -1 for the other guy not making it a serious fight.
Dr Dim
The guy is a legitimate sub wrestler (has somehow submitted people) and head kicks were illegal.

Like I said though, I'm not sure how he planned to close the distance. It's hard enough for an able bodied grappler to shoot on someone that doesn't want to grapple.

despite being amazing to watch I thought the armed and legged opponent was way too hesitant and constantly in defense. Maynard seems to have a distinct advantage in low profile and is agile as hell!
Frank Rizzo
dude just kick him in his face with your energy legs, whats the big deal?
None shall pass!
Frank Rizzo
5 invisistars

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
This looks exactly like what happens when I play with my parents' Boston Terrier. The dog scoots around on the floor, I reach for the bone or chew toy and it lurches forwards, I wave the chew toy around, the dog rears up on its hind legs, etc. etc. etc.

I am sorry and I am terrible for saying that, but that is all I could think of.
Needs a Doctor B tag
I can see missing an arm, missing a leg, still concievably being a contender. Hell, I can even see only having one arm to throttle people with. But no limbs at all? Not bloody likely.
I hate how they keep chanting "asshole" towards the other fighter. He's being pretty classy for not crushing that thing.
Billy the Poet
Yeah, way more exciting than boxing.
i love it when the disabled try to prove themselves. what's next, women's mma???
also, this is a great example of why not to rate before you watch.

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