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Category:Humor, Video Games
Tags:survival horror, zero punctuation, Yahtzee, Pro choice
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Comment count is 13
The last line tells me that Yahtzee is beginning to run low on angry emails and/or attention.
Caminante Nocturno
Powerpoint Buttfuck.
Hugo Gorilla
I didn't know they still had webby awards.
I can't rate yatzhee lower then 3 stars, but i am tempted to dock him further for bad audio in this video.
Hmm. Ignore the comment. Seems the speakers on my workhorse laptop are on their way out. Crap.

5 average-fixing stars coming right up.

I would have five starred it anyway. But here, you can have them.

Someone forgot to front-page Zahtzee for this week. He was sitting in the Hopper with all the other plebians.
I now work night shift.

I was asleep while it was posted.

It won't happen next time.

Siren was potentially interesting story, setting, and branching chapter structure, but holy fuck top 5 worst gameplay, puzzles, and interface ever.
I can't believe ANYONE would seriously go up to someone who has lost faith in the survival horror genre and cite either of the fucking SIREN games as an example of not losing hope. Jesus.....
weve been nominated for a webby click here to vote for the escapist
a flaming monkey
For all his words and witty things, it's still just an opinion. I like the Siren games, the first one was really cool when it came out.
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