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Category:Pets & Animals, Sports
Tags:Emu, Goose, better animals
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Comment count is 21
Goose Week.

That goose is racist against emus.
they do this all day. just around and around and around....

What is it about geese that just makes every animal except for kangaroos think they can't just be booted?
Syd Midnight
They make up for their modest abilities through sheer outrageous attitude. Because sometimes nothin' is a real cool hand.

That's one of those awesome lines should be in a book of awesome lines.

excellent, but I pray to the internet gods for a goose vs. honey badger video.
Syd Midnight

Syd Midnight
Well that reply was to the wrong comment but I stand by my words

And then the goose chased a Cassowary.

The outcome was different.

geese may be dicks but cassowaries redefine the fucking term

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNND heretheycome down the back stretch it's goose and emu neckanneck goose on the inside making a rally but it's emu barreling home across the finish line it's emu then goose emu by a mile my god what a race what an upset!

At first I thought "Oh wow just standing there with a video camera running actually paid off" then it became clear that this was probably the 5th lap
Louis Armstrong
I run from insurance representatives too.
The Emu's just waiting for winter so the goose can migrate .
Rodents of Unusual Size
Everybody just loves Goosio.
Rape Van Winkle
I already told you geese are assholes.
Technically, it's an Emu Chasing Goose.

Just saying.
erection reset by queer
Before I one-star this... did I somehow miss the interesting thing that happened?
Walt Henderson
See, it's funny 'cause the goose is so much smaller than the emu. Get it?

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