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Desc:Louis does not like turbulence.
Category:Humor, Nature & Places
Tags:Ricky Gervais, Louis C.K., private jet, 12 year old gay kids
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Comment count is 14
1 star because ricky gervais is a detestable shit-stain

Have you not seen Extras or something?

karl pilkington?

Honest Abe
you're angry because he made fun of fat people right, fatty?

James Woods
What the fuck?

Hay Belly
Sour grapes, Lisa.

"I had to walk away... because when I see a man crying... I get an erection."

He's loud, crude and annoying. And very funny. And "detestable shit-stain" should be reserved for people who actually harm others, not comedians you don't like.

I love that Louis is scrambling to make himself laugh but can't and Ricky thinks he's hilarious
Nevermind, Louis does get himself to laugh...
I saw it the hopper, then remembered it wrong due to what the french refer to as "Dude, you're a fucking alcoholic"

Eh, wasn't a true laugh, more of a nervous titter. Ricky trying to freak him out towards the end was great as well.

Louis CK is an inventive swearer
It would've been kind of funny if they'd crashed, and the "put a frog over your dick like a condom and fuck your mother with it" had been Louis's last words.
Default 5 for Louie. Saw him in Seattle the day before Valentine's Day, great show. He was definitely depressed about being recently divorced.
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