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Desc:Black people, White people, love the red house.
Category:Humor, Advertisements
Tags:black people, furniture, white people, red house, all people
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Comment count is 19
Shit. Sorry this is a dupe, but it didn't come up in the list of vids.

Sorry not my fault.
It's the thought that counts, right?

Oh baleen...
The fact that you submitted a dupe of one of my vids doen't offend me.
It kind of turns me on.

let's do it.

And yet you get up on your jewy highhorse and one star any dupe you find. Shame, baleen. Shame.

These five stars are a hug of tolerance from me to you. Learn to accept dupes. Just like at the Red House.


You have not been paying attention to my spiritual development.

I have given up on this place.

In fact, more dupes for everyone.

I don't care if this is a dupe. This message of racial harmony through furniture purchase needs to be heard again and again.

Extra stars for including Hispanics at the last moment.
Menudo con queso
Please, it's pronounced Ixpanic people.

Capitalism lead the way for racial equality.

punch drunk babies
Shouldent... shouldent be posting while drunk.. Uh for something relevant, this made me feel pretty good. Inside.
Oh, I thought poeTV was intended to be taken with alcohol.

Have I been doing it wrong?

fuck, I don't know, I'm too drunk too figure it out

that was poetic in a way

But fuck Asians.
Butt fuck Asians

can i get a job there pls
it was funny when it wasn't a dupe and i thought for a brief second it was real. now it's just two obnoxious dudes singing. oh well. pumping furniture is still funny.
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