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Desc:Pick an item!
Category:Humor, Stunts
Tags:blender, blendtec, choose your own adventure, jalapeņo
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Comment count is 27
Wonko the Sane
Best use of the branching click thingy yet. Vodka + Jalapenos was my favorite.
Vodka + Jalapenos = A-Mazing!

wtf japan
Vodka and Jalapeno for the money shot.

wtf japan
I mean hamburger and vodka.

This is possibly the best use of the annotations that I've seen yet.
I kind of wish that he had more comments on the taste of some of the combinations. Sure, he says that Fruit and Peanut Butter is a "Good Call" but all he does in Vodka and Jalapeno is gag.
It's the same guy that does the John Williams Tribute thing I submitted a few months ago. I didn't realize until I was looking at his youtube profile, that's how easily I forgot this guy.

It wont be long until this clever scheme will be used to create YouTube based virtual furry pets. You too can choose to scratch Balto's belly... or lower.

Colonel Cowlung
Vodka and cheeseburger is the best I found.

Vodka is a mandatory component.
Lauritz Melchior
Yes, vodka and a cheeseburger is beautiful.

I immediately selected vodka and peanut butter.
Colonel Cowlung
That was my first combination. After making him drink several different vile vodka mixtures, I felt bad and wanted to reward him with something slightly palatable, most likely containing fruit.

I never got around to it and made him drink more vodka.

He actually likes the vodka and fruit. Win-win!

This really seems to bring out the sadist in people.
This is just like those parallel universes where every possible thing that could ever happen has already happened.
Helena Handbasket
.......This. THIS
Five stars for sadism. Incidentally, Jalapenos x Peanut Butter looks even worse than the VodkaBurger. He doesn't even make it to the second sip before it's off to the sink.

Also, don't forget the grand finale!!
He really does take those like a champ.
joffe b
I love his reaction when you choose eggs.

Eggs and Jalapeno is my favorite so far. He really doesn't do well with eggs.
Rodents of Unusual Size
It's a fiesta!

I did not expect him to like, blend the shell. This is true Internet stuntery at its finest.

Caminante Nocturno
He seems to have legitimately enjoyed peanut butter + vodka, and he REALLY loved cheeseburger + potato.

Most of the fruit combinations seem to have worked out pretty well for him, too.
Except for fruit + cheeseburger...

I love how watching the vodka videos you can see the order he chose to do them in. Vodka and fruit, vodka and peanut butter, vodka and cheeseburger, vodka and potato, vodka and egg, vodka and jalapeno. He also manages to drink about 2/3rds the bottle of vodka. If this was all done in one day, he was probably pretty drunk through the filming of most of these, which actually explains his willingness to try a lot of those disgusting combinations.
Fruit and jalapenos is the most fun.
Five stars because I just really need to believe the thing actually plays the "Will It Blend?" theme whenever you blend anything in it.
Son of Slam
5 for the "hggglg" sound in cheeseburger and jalapeno.
I love the look of desperate horror he gave the camera. Jalepeno + vodka for me, thanks. I like this guy, and this idea.
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