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Category:Stunts, Sports
Tags:gymnastics, Stunts, free running, flips, freestyle walking
Submitted:Jack Cooper
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I think there's a different clip of this guy somewhere on here, but it really shows the power of the human body rather well.

Or it's a good demo of what a diet of meat, PCP, Red Bull, and live scorpions may yield.
This is how he avoided getting beat up by his peers while growing up as a gymnast.
This is awesome, but I am still glad my parents didn't enroll me in gymnastics when I was a kid.
i would say the same thing but then i do backflips in bars for drinks and it pays for the mild psychological torment i experienced

I would love to see the outtake/blooper reel.
I'd love to see him land some of those jumps!

this is awesome but my favorite part was my youtube pop-up that says "Is My Husband Gay?"
j lzrd / swift idiot
Indeed. I got a laugh out of that.

If this guy hasn't competed on Ninja Warrior, he should.
Now he needs to dual-wield pistols
Rape Van Winkle
Oo. Look at me. I can jump up and down.
I think we've found the end boss for the next Tony Jaa movie
Lies, lies, LIES!
The flying strip tease was pretty hot.
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