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Desc:Someone wanted to know about violence against the religious crowd.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:hate speech, Bashing, Christophobia, poor poor whitey
Submitted:The Faghorn
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Comment count is 26
You gay people can have the word "Attack" back if I can have my damned rainbow back.

Seriously, though, Prop 8 and all its supporters should spend some time in these people's positions before they open their mouths and close their minds.
Cap'n Profan!ty
Proposition 8 has no mouth to open. It has no mind. It is not a being. It is a concept, an idea.

I was meaning the movers and shakers of Prop 8 (namely the Mormon Church) and their unwitting dupes.

Everyone knows lying isn't a sin when it's done in Jesus' name.
Well hold me down and carve a backward-B in my cheek.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Yeah, I know what you're referencing there.

Care to highlight what you're insinuating? Because it sounds like you're claiming that gays being attacked to within an inch of their lives is just a cry for attention. Which means I would have to call you a fucking moron.

Nice catch, ROUS.

Gay people should kick ass like this more often. This is a quality smackdown.
Conservatives are such whiny little faggots.
astropod five
From the comments:

"ComaradeJordan you give a great example on why GOD is judging the USA right now. no respect for fellow man, no respect for self , results in babie killing as a condom 30 million babies USA shame on you. karma says you will get back what you give (Karma is GODS LAW as he is not mocked ) millions of Americians are doomed no one will stop this.
Moses day babies killed in river--- egypt army killed in red sea Karma
our day is no different
Sodom Gomorra tasted this check it "
pressed peanut sweepings
So when one is successful in conceiving a child, it just leads to 29,999,999 murdered babies.

You know what they say.

You can't make an omelette without killing babies.

Karma? Are even the Hindus against us now?

Well, they need a word for their made up crimes. Bash is a little too much... noogie might be about right.

I'd hit it.
Lauritz Melchior
Misappropriating words with such unintended irony is the lingua franca of the American Right.
Dr Dim
I was thinking they must be dorky high school Christians getting their lunch money stolen and calling it persecution, or Christians in North Korea or something. Turns out they just don't know what bashing is.
Son of Slam
As someone who was chased down a San Francisco alley by a bunch of mullethead East Bay types, it can happen anywhere; gays and lesbians find it hard to feel safe anywhere. (I'm straight, if that makes a difference)
Stop bashing the East Bay. We don't wear mullets.

So *THIS* is where all those tough gays from the Al Pacino movie went to.
And by that I of course mean Bill Maher, as he is obviously the biggest Christ bashing fag there is.

kill all christians
Yes, that's an intelligent response, well done. I can't believe you woke all the way up today to make it.

Christians hate it when things are put into the proper context.
Louis Armstrong
Especially "When you die nothing happens".

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