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Desc:Ready to frame the debate some more?
Category:News & Politics, Stunts
Tags:Abortion, Bill OReilly, oreilly factor, george tiller, what have I done!?
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Comment count is 14
I noticed that Bill actually treats her like a person, thanks to her gruesome scare story, and classy things like "I left my baby in a toilet".

Ten bucks says that if she had the abortion but thought they should still be legal, he'd have been screaming at her and calling her a whore.
Pregnant at 13, eating disorders, depression, suicidal thoughts.

if only there were Some EXplanation for Wondering people to understand IT. Her story's Definitely sAD/
I see what you did there. 5 stars.

I found some more stars.

Under No Circumstances should these stars be LEft ungiven.

Stay classy, poetv

I have this compulsion to Google terms just to see what comes up. "Sex with dad" was one of the more horrifying ones.

I believe that if it wasn't for Bill O'Reilly, Dr. Tiller would be alive today
Pretty much. Yeah.

seems obvious, yet no one has the guts to say so

even Winant's well researched Salon article called O'Reilly's attacks on Tiller "dangerous", nothing more

fucking cowards

Rodents of Unusual Size
Bill O'Reilly affecting the minds of idiots? No!

A Golden Internet to the one who submits O'Reilly's reaction to the death.

A Platinum one for anyone that can find usable videos of affiliated groups to Scott Roeper (Prayer & Action, AOG, etc.)
She sounds too much like a set-up. I can't pretend to know her case either way, but it just sounds too "FOX pro-life poster child", with the "I was promiscuous, I used drugs... lots of horrible things"
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