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Desc:And that's the bottom line...
Category:Classic Movies, Arts
Tags:helicopter, ape, South Korea, short and sweet, threatening gesture
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Menudo con queso
That's cinema art!
I came into this expecting something above the normal, made of artistically juxtaposed elements brought together as one to make a simple, but profound, statement. I can't believe how much this actually delivered just that, shattering my cynicism about the artistic value of some forms of cinema. In a lot of ways, this clip took my preconceived notions of what those things could mean, and wrung them out before me, leaving behind the cool, tenacious, sweat of the cinemagraphic genius of the, hopefully, not too humble minds which brought this to fruition. This only strengthens a thousandfold my conviction that the 1970's was the golden age of movies, an age that no one of modern vision has yet to be capable of revisiting.
One of the alternate titles is "Attack of the Giant Horny Gorilla."

This is what I imagined when I read the title but quickly dismissed it as idiotic.
SO that's where the ape on the cover of the Razzie film guide comes from...wow..I didn't know that was a real movie.
Caminante Nocturno
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Syd Midnight
I saw the title, I saw that it had 5 stars, and I knew it was gonna be good
well all right then
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