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Desc:1... 2... 3...
Category:Sports, Stunts
Tags:MMA, cyborg, Choke, Cris Santos
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Comment count is 11
Dr Dim
The translator skipped the "some people say part" and translated it as "He says women are weaker than men and can't finish chokes". It was a fucking stupid question anyway, she did the right thing.
What a hilarious misunderstanding!

Dr Dim
On a second viewing I might be wrong, that could be "elles acham" (they (m) think) not "elle acha" (he thinks). She definitely didn't mention the "I for one don't believe that" though.

LeMoyne IV
I counted 7.

Doctor Arcane
Uh dude, tap?
If you're going to choke someone out you shouldn't carry on past the point of them falling unconscious whether they tap or not

Dr Dim
It's hard to tell sometimes.

Maybe if you're fucking around with your friends, yeah. But in grappling competition or a fight (MMA or street), you definitely do not let go until there is a tap or they go out.

La Loco
That "woman" scares me.
that was sort of a "sucker choke" if you ask me
It's no John Stossel getting slapped, but it's pretty great.
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