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Desc:What it says in the title, only now denying that he has the Death Note
Category:General Station
Tags:Death Note, billy mays, Chris-Chan, chronologically confused
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Comment count is 10
Chris-chan totally killed Billy Mays.
I have absolutely no doubt in my mind he did.

Deep down, in the bottom of his chubby retard heart, he's loving every minute of this.
Guys, I'm pretty sure this is one time he's actually on the level and not being serious.

Although that medallion around his neck is trying to tell me otherwise.
he is being 100% serious

Ask the people who had something to do with it? Which people and what is it exactly? I know you know something!
chris, sweetie...put down the playstation controller. take off the medallion. get out of your room. start drinking again.
Now those are orders I know how to follow. Out the door I go.

Blolf Witzer
It still baffles me how he has all that fan crap in his room.
He didn't stop loving anime and sonic just because he was trolled.

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