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Desc:Hey! Hey! You! You! Mister Hacker!
Category:General Station
Tags:sonichu, Chris-Chan, techno remix
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Comment count is 6
Man Who Fights Like Woman
This was not techno.
Louis Armstrong
Five for actual making him pseudo threatening.
Some minutes ago i had no idea who "Chris Chan" was. I watched this and some stuff on googl. Now i wish i could go back in time to kick myself.
I guess you must be new here

It's a sad reminder of why the Sonic games suck so much these days: it's all about their fanbase.

@Riskbreaker Sega's been pushing the Sonic team to keep making more of the games even tough they're quite sick of the franchise.

Also, I hope you will learn to enjoy the Chris-chan videos here. Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I can turn on one of his videos and then not feel so bad about some of the mistakes I made in my own life.

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