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Desc:The introduction to an as-yet unfinished documentary
Category:Arts, Video Games
Tags:Mario, Doom, Monkey Island, lara croft, musclebeaver
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Comment count is 22
Playing Doom with a mouse like a pussy faggot. You use the arrow keys, or you get out of my goddamn house. Christ.

Now, don't be so extreme! Poor Laura. She may have been using a mouse with low sensitivity so she could chain-gun snipe. The Keyboard is way to quick for long-range fun.

She used the rocket launcher on a single imp, I don't think she's getting into any advanced tactics anytime soon.

She has more than made up for her lack of Doom etiquette with a Richard Chamberlain-era King Solomon's Mines poster, proudly displayed at 3:58.

Made me nauseous and gave me a headache
aw, not Guybrush.
That was... odd.
Gabriel Knight would have survived somehow.

Yeah, he would have, but it seems just cruel to off Guybrush like that. But it was done in the tone of the Monkey Island games, so... something.

Freeman Gordon
Being unemployed sure offers a lot of spare time.
This is his employment. And it is awesome.

The mustaches suddenly appearing on their faces killed me.
I got a feeling, just a feeling, that everything is gonna be awwwwwright.
I'd like it as a short film but as an intro to a documentary it seems a bit long. also the 60 seconds of pong got a little old.
5 for the orgasm and post-orgasm.
Goethe and ernie
This had to have been made by a Frenchman
nope, German :D even better!

Super Hornio Brother.
that got weird at the end
Foolish Motorcycle Accident
At first it was just kind of okay, and then the last two minutes happened.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Oh wow what?
A literal videogame orgy.
The fuck...
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