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Desc:Yeah we know, hulu = bad.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Advertisements
Tags:EOD, SHUCK FULU, hurt locker, guy pierce
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Comment count is 20
Who are the dickless motherfuckers who downvote this without so much as a 'FUCK ARMY LOL!"?!
Non-US ips

Either that or Gomorrah sock puppets.

Didn't watch the clip, but five for Hulu.

It's a good thing those outside the US can't see it.

It's just four army grunts drinking Coors Lite talking about how they hate Canada and all the commie/socialists in Europe.

Then things go boom and "Rock You Like a Hurricane" starts playing.

Interged enough to search for The trailer.

Iam just happy, people put hulu tags on/hulu warning in the description

Space Ratcatcher
Five stars for Hulu's age verification going back to 1870.
I was born Jan 1 1873, swear to god.

So Zombie Lincoln has to lie about his age to see this? That's terrible.

Five stars for a movie I highly recommend, and to offset what is probably the sniping of "WAAH WAAH HULU IS MEAN" types.
Ah Hulu.

As far as flame-wars on poeTV are concerned, I believe it's something like this:

1. Tim and Eric videos
2. Hulu
3. Cat videos
4. Abortion

This is why I love this site.

I'm buying this one from the store as we speak! It's directed by the lady who did Strange Days and Point Break. Don't judge me.
and Near Dark!

...wait, are you ashamed of Point Break? WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU'RE SO SPECIAL HUH

yep, Kathleen Bigelow...one of James Cameron's ex wives..I think James got custody of Bill Paxton in the divorce.

Jimmy Labatt
+5 for the above comment.

this movie = good
no doubt, this thing will be badass
Freeman Gordon
Spoiler: He does not die nor get injured, don't worry.
good movie
The movie, whatever. Five stars for Hulu letting me claim to have been born in 1870, the earliest year I've seen a site let you scroll down to.

PS: Five more for a black sidekick who is not and never has been a Wayans.
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