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Desc:Unhinged? Oh yeah. Visual Props? Ugh.
Category:News & Politics, Stunts
Tags:clown, republicans, Health Care, glenn beck, conservatism
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Comment count is 13
can we put a moratorium on glenn beck videos? we all know he is awful, just awful - these videos just keep on proving the same point

This was submitted the same day as the radio meltdown. In fact, this episode was aired the same day as the radio meltdown, which was why I submitted it.

Trust me, it was topical and not over-done at the time.

Even if you try to avoid him, the guy has the best selling book right now. And here i was thinking that even the right wing wackos didn't care for this guy.

glenn beck.

realize your task.

mate with ann coulter and finally create the anti-christ.

:| lies... all lies!
no barbie dolls?

Needs a "tax kike" tag.
I made it two minutes before I wanted to murder a conservative.

he doesn't see anyone dying in the streets.... he must not live anywhere near new york city, or paris, or london, or chicago, or LA
One of two options:

-He lives in a bunker, armed to the teeth
-He lives with the skeleton of some old lady in a house over the hill

instead of waterboarding the US should just load baddies up with LSD and make them watch like 10 hours straight of this guy.
Does this chucklehead ever say ANYTHING that's true?
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