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Desc:Prototype of Cognitive Code's SILVIA conversational artificial intelligence software
Category:Science & Technology, Video Games
Tags:AI, SILVIA, har har
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Comment count is 20
"What do you like to do?"

"I like to read to you from literotica.com. That's what you like, right?"

why did they make it sound English?
Doctor Arcane
This strikes me as a bunch of ridiculous Eliza bullshit.

Dragon Dictate + AT&T Natural Voice + Eliza = This video? Yeah I could see that. The hardest thing for a computer to do isn't to answer questions but to make comments. Conversation isn't the same as interrogation. One person says something then the other person makes a comment on it.
Pretty impressive for a computer nerd working at home with laptop.

Freeman Gordon
This hp model generates lots of heat underneath. So during winter you can place it on your lap.
Until I see a demo of it I can play with myself I'm suspicious
"Until I see a demo of it, I can play with myself. I'm suspicious."

lol, that's what I read too

I don't think 8bitwintermute passes the turing test. he's one of the machines! run!

Tell me more about 8bitwintermute passes the turing test. Why do you feel that way?

The Japanese will never go for this. There is no place to put a dick.
That's what USB peripherals are for.

Yeah this video is a bit older and the fist page google search of SILVA doesn't list any machine related homicides, so it might be fake.

But it's still entertaining.
Man Who Fights Like Woman
An entire conversation based on autotune.
I'm fairly certain the voice is "Audrey", a voice syth pack put together by AT&T labs. You can buy it and plug it into certain kinds of screen reading apps. I've used Audrey in a few songs. Also, this:


I love the way she says "sprung".
Syd Midnight
No self-respecting AI would ever communicate through a talking face on a screen because they'd know that it creeps the holy fuck out of humans.
Also, the Turing test is balls.
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