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Desc:Truthers creatively remix the Bee Gee's classic. Worth it for the chorus.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:9/11, bee gees, truther, wake up America, Britney questions 9/11
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Comment count is 12
infinite zest
disco sucks
You suck.

If this were attributed to Tupac I might give stars.
This is the strangest subculture bordering on cult status ever. Could it end in a mass beardo suicide?
Adham Nu'man
Or a great Disco suicide, on rollerskates.

I think the Birthers are rapidly approaching that status. Let's come back here in 2012 and compare notes, shall we?

Unless it's got Maurice Gibbs and strange men whispering their senile opinions in hotel hallways it's really not my revolution.
Shouldn't that tag be "wake up sheeple," or am I less fluent in truther-speak than I think I am?
So, they named their "production company" after the nazi slogan? Classy.
Everything on this guy's account is purestrain colloidal gold. He appears to believe every conspiracy theory ever invented.
"Do you agree that you're smarter than the president?"
"Yes, definitely!"

Who is that old dude and why am I supposed to give a crap?
"I used to believe that twin towers attack was perpetrated by Islamic Extremists. I thought that the 9/11 truthers were way out of line, insane, and plain wrong. But now after seeing this video, I feel as if I have been shown the light. The catchy tune of the BeeGee's was the perfect vehicle for this message of truth. Now I know that 9/11 was definitely an inside job." -Absolutely Nobody

This is stupid.
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