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Desc:With Talking Dog Tag!
Category:Pets & Animals, Advertisements
Tags:dogs, infomercial, animal abuse, snuggie, dog tag
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Comment count is 20
The uh... the talking dog tag holds more words than they can put in their ANIMATED, TELEVISED WORD BUBBLE.

I don't know why, but that's just awful to me.
Graphics Tech: Well, I could make it bigger... Fuck it. It's Snuggie for Dogs. This isn't worth my time.

Sudan no1
"Hi! I'm a fucking dog in a Snuggie. Could you please put me out of my misery?"

That little dog doesn't look happy at all. That look in it's eyes says: "I WILL shit in your shoes for this, human."
i like the walking one which is spasmodically running AWAY from the woman.

I'm not sure where they live, but if you look at the thermometer in the beginning, the temperature drops 30 degrees in half a second whenever it rains.
the thought of someone actually wanting to buy one of these has me wishing for nuclear war.
actually, it's genius because what they correctly thought was that the people who buy human snuggies probably would buy something like this for their little annoying pets

my wife wants this so bad


"Keep tiny dogs cozy and warm while they are in your purse"
At first I had a lot of contempt when the "Snuggie for Dogs" commercial was in the hopper, since it has become the symbol of douchebag irony. I was wary about up-voting something that became so mainstream and popular that it would damage my hipster cred.

Then I remembered why I'm such a huge faggot and decided that an infomercial about backward wizard robes are actually funny and should be treated as such.
That is the best story I've read in a week.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Every time I see some gay little toy breed I wonder what it would think if it knew it was bred from a wolf.

And then the humiliation of Snuggie for dogs.
Caminante Nocturno
That woman is so fucking FRUSTRATED with her dog sweater! She's being driven to tears!
I love the Snuggie, but I think it needs a heavy metal umlaut.
:41 is a great sound, they should have just sold that sound on a CD instead of the dog snuggies.

Part of this song is a sound-alike for Baby Elephant Walk. Which is strange to me.
THIS HAS TO FUCKING END NOW!!! I see.. Human sacrifice. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria!
all the worlds grandmothers are hovering now, ready to doll up animals in loo of children long since gone.

This video does not have the "talking dog" tag
This isn't even a new product; dog sweaters that velcro in the back have been around for years. Dogs hate them like they hate any other kind of clothes. But five because that dog at 0:05 looked like he was having just a great old time rolling around.
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