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Desc:big splash
Category:News & Politics, Nature & Places
Tags:Storm, China, hotel, taiwan, typhoon
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Comment count is 11
The Townleybomb
Awesome, but they need to spend less time making their graphics shimmy and more time replaying the best part over and over. I should not have had to click anything to watch the building fall again.
The replay is communist! They might go for that on the Mainland, but not in Taiwan. CCTV just gives away replays like it's nothin'.

i think thats the entire foundation sticking out the bottom D:
that reporter's voice is just unrelenting
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
ching chong chow ah uh che chong sha u hai chi un chong chi wa wa ching chi chu chi chin cha che ka ke ka chu chin cha

j lzrd / swift idiot
What I love best about this clip is at 1:08, when the news logo in the upper right corner starts heroically beginning to pull up all the little yellow chinese letters that survived the crash from out of the water. Get those letters out of the water before they drown, rescue logo!
So was the building okay?
Dutch Oven Fresh Pie
It sounds like they are cheering. In China, is watching buildings collapse like watching NASCAR?
The way Chinese people express shock sounds like a cheer for one. But for two, one of the biggest sports over there, both in China and Taiwan, is ping pong. So, I mean, these are a people starved for excitement.

What you didn't see was a katamari ball slightly smaller then the building making contact.
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