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Desc:Vince, now overdubbed with bad music and sound effects.
Category:Advertisements, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Japan, sound effects, dubbing, shamwow, vince offer
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Comment count is 11
joffe b
Shamwow! It is an excitement in the world of your kitchen. Can you appreciate the absorbency inherent? Shamwow will take your liquids of excess and remove them to the place of less offense. When in half Shamwow is put into a bath mat appears! Can dog be cleaned? It can now be without shame! Fettucini martini linguini bikini Nihon ni Shamwow!
I need a japanese man picture-in-picture letting me know I should be excited about this product.
You have the percussive strikes to tell you in this case.

Allow me to demonstrate.


Albuquerque Halsey
1:41. 60 bucks for a shamwow
They're imported!

Comrade Admiral
You know the Germans always KAWAII DESU-NE!!!

They make him sound not gay. May Vince be cursed by the spirit of Billy Mays.
I love how the original was not zany or in your face enough for them.

And I still can't get over the fact that the only demonstration of the thing (the cola) is completely fake. How did they get away with that?
they didn't, some consumer magazine did a "its a rag" thing on it and proved that scene was fake and that the shamwow was actually no better than sponges.

I love the pseudo-hillbilly rock soundtrack. They really did capture the ideal market for these.
1:20 Magnum PI shirt
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