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Desc:The next adolsecent vampire fantasy movie
Category:Trailers, Advertisements
Tags:vampire, John C Reilly, adolsecent power fantasy, blurry vampires
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Excellent. Take a the teen-girl obsession of the moment and dork it up.
i read these books. they aren't all gay and teenybopperish, and were around way before twilight, even though they're for teens. actually kind of cool stories. i'm scared to even watch the trailer, really.
Yeah, this book series predates Twilight and Vampire Academy and all that other tween garbage by about 5 or 6 years. I hate all this teen literature obsession with vampires and all that shit, but this is probably one of the better if not best series in that genre if I had to actually recommend one to kids.
Also John C Reilly as a vampire is....odd.
Surrounding yourself with appalling circus freaks is probably your only smart move when you're stuck looking like John C. Reilly for all eternity
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