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Freeman Gordon - 2009-08-14

rubbing sounds ftw

TheQuakeSoldier - 2009-08-14

I liked it better when psychopaths made children's cartoons.

kiint - 2009-08-14

so if its Faghorn Fox does that mean THA SUGAH DROOPY?

socialist_hentai - 2009-08-14

No, it's just that whenever i hear of a "Faghorn" or "The Faghorn" i imagine someone like this fox, so when SUGAH started asking what a Faghorn is i submitted this.

kiint - 2009-08-14

and Foghorn Leghorn never crossed your mind, mmm?

socialist_hentai - 2009-08-14

yes, it did and i commented on that in the first peace on earth video.

Tuan Jim - 2009-08-14

Dogs shouldn't have explosives.

Camonk - 2009-08-14

This cartoon is awful. Where'd they get the extra steak for Droopy? Are we--I mean, are we just BELIEVE that a fox gave UP his steak? I mean, it's--it's completely retarded!

The Faghorn - 2009-08-14

Look, it's not hard to understand. Once the proletariat and the revolutionaries can come to an agreement and join forces, there'll be steak for everyone. It's the conservative thugs, who've been born into means, that support the ruling classes. They try to emphasize their surface similarities with the proletariat in order to ensure their support, but at every turn seek to betray each other and the proletariat in order to curry favor with the ruling class.

Also, this fox is not a Faghorn, since it is male. However, it is also british, which is about the same as female on the classic gender roles scale. So it's a Pseudohorn.

Keefu - 2009-08-14

i like you

fluffy - 2009-08-14

I had no idea Fox News used to have a newspaper. Or that they existed back then.

mashedtater - 2009-08-14

If you google a faghorn, third find is The Faghorn here.

happy_ending - 2009-08-14

One of my all time favorite cartoons growing up.

Syd Midnight - 2009-08-14

StripedTabbyCat (1 month ago) Show Hide
This is WHY iiam a furry!!!! :D

See this happens to guys sometimes, they're like 5 years old and watching cartoons and their brain flips the wrong random switch so they get a boner, so 20 years later they can't get an erection unless they think about foxes wearing monocles.

fluffy - 2009-08-17


Twitch - 2009-08-15

I thought a Faghorn was a kazoo.

splatterbabble - 2009-08-16

I thought it was Paul Schaffer.

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