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Desc:Did he really just do that...?
Category:Stunts, Sports
Tags:Parkour, Also his balls are huge, freerun, pk
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Comment count is 11
For 0:45
All stars for :45, -2 for holding this shit anywhere but from roof-top to roof-top.

Fuck this Queensberry rules bullshit.

...Yeah, that should be a star less.

Sean Robinson
Goddamn it sports, you didn't need to take this.
yeah really

Thirded. Left as something on the street, even with the annoying douchebag quotient it was still somewhat raw and interesting. Now it's just another X-sport.

Colonel Cowlung
Almost immediately, the announcers started with the name-dropping of "moves" or tricks or whatever. That's when this video became fucking lame.

Then he did the flag thing, and it got a little better. I recommend watching this muted.

Normally, I am very impressed by parkour/freerunning videoes, but this was just...lame.
Ugh. I mean I guess I understand that it is like floor exercise gymnastics meets obstacle course, but the whole competition thing is weird.
Johnny Madhouse
If this gets more people interested in getting out and getting physical, I'm all for it.
The only part I found interesting was when he pretended to walk up a wall or whatever. One star for taking something that was kind of fun, e.g. kids jumping from building to building like animals: and attempting to turn it into a legitimate sport.
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