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Desc:Did I say Ace of Spades? I meant Rondo in C. Copyright protection makes some things better.
Category:Classic Movies, Stunts
Tags:Motorhead, mad max, ace of spades, Beyond Thunder Dome, Roadwarrior
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infinite zest
Mad Mozart!
This actually works really well.

Warning: There is a roughly two second clip from Beyond Thunderdome in there.
Mister Shady
Glorious. Don't worry about the Thunderdome scene. It's Max chasing Blaster with a chainsaw.

Syd Midnight
It was worth it because it syncs well with the music

James Woods
The missing chase-scene from A Clockwork Orange.
Needs more Moog for that.

I think is was Arp 2600

Jimmy Labatt
I love this
Beyond Thunder Dome needs to stay an unlinked tag.
Louis Armstrong
Got something againt Master Blaster and Pig Farmer?

Five because now I need to watch all the mad max movies again.

Can't we just get BEYOND THUNDERDOME

ba boom pssshhhhhttttt

Sudan no1
this is what this site is all about... sniff
Gorgeous when it syncs - plonky plonk plonk as a car accelerates and PLONK car's exploding now.

5 stars.
This should be played in doctor's office waiting rooms.
be sure to check out this actual video of the ace of spades song:

http://www.you tube.com/watch?v=XESEt5A12Zo
Syd Midnight
Cool and all but why on earth would anyone try to resubmit it?It's perfect now.

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