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Desc:All of Taken, in three minutes.
Category:Classic Movies, Stunts
Tags:Shooting, stabbing, liam neeson, ouch my balls, throat-punching
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Comment count is 17
I was seriously plesantly surprised when I saw this movie. If they ever need to make a Bourne movie 20 years into the future, they know who to get.
For revenge porn where the hero basically spends 90 minutes wrecking dudes all up, it wasn't bad.

Hay Belly
I like it better when it was called The Limey.

Revenge porn is my favorite kind of porn behind porn porn.

Qui Gon has lost his ways. At least now I dont have to see that movie.
(if you kidnap his daughter)
If you haven't seen this, make sure you watch the unrated version since apparently this wasn't naked-teen-torture-porn enough to go uncut for delicate North American audiences.
Needs all the scenes creepily suggesting that the daughter's virginity is on the line and how women are worthless once they lose it.
SPOILERS: Neeson successfully preserves his daughter's virginity all for himself, safe from U2 concerts and suave Europeans

He should have lightened up and gone with the flow.

French Kevin Spacey was my favorite part of this movie.

Like Kevin Spacey, only French.
wait, Kevin Spacey isn't French?

This is so much better without the context.
Rev. Blackson Pollock
Liam Neeson is a kill-a-majig.
much better than the actual movie
Really enjoyed how he moved up the Class Ladder, all the way from capping thugs, to ending some middle class folks, to fucking up dudes in suits.
Old People
Boring, shitty movie made to help aging white guys feel virile. I could beat up Liam Neesom's gloomy ass; I once bounced him from my bar.
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