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Desc:In 1986, BMW made a car with doors modeled on a roll top desk. Also, looking up girls' skirts.
Category:Science & Technology, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Car, Top Gear, BMW, doors, z1
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Comment count is 15
English girls are... interesting looking
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
That's because they're real girls and not models...

Man, those girls were pretty hot.

But nothing that includes Jeremy Clarkson, except QI, gets more than three stars.

I can't think of any clip that demanded slo-mo more than this one.
Jeremy Clarkson is a pervo.
Also, no stars because everything you need to see is in the preview image.

Frank Rizzo
I'm ashamed I snickered.

I could have guessed that Clarkson was a perv, but seriously, BWW lass could have entered the car councours style like Lotus girl: sit down with the feet outside the door, then move the feet in concert into the footwell. Car afficionados (esp. those with sports cars) do this because it reduces wear on the seat bolster upholstery. But it also hides the color of your knickers.
Now I've got my own 2.5 litre "straight six"
erection reset by queer
Now I've got my own dual overhead cam 4-banger. Wait, what were we talking about again?

El Zapatista
"It'll rip your eyebrows clean out of their mountings."

Or was it "mountains."

Also, all three of those girls were really cute.
Robin Kestrel
You know, that's still a good-looking car, compared to how the styling of most cars from the 80's have fared.

I wonder if it floats.
Looks like a Barbie Dream Somethin'.
Why is he dressed like a denim super hero?
Tom Collins
Honorary Texan

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