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Desc:Chris Chan Shows off his cat-like prowess in the deadly arts
Category:Humor, Stunts
Tags:autism, Chun Li, Chris Chan, Crouching Tiger Hidden Failure
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Mister Shady
At first I thought it was Retard Pilates. Then he coyly alluded to Chun Li anally raping him. Now I'm just confused.
He was at the same dojo as star wars kid.
You can tell he's been training for decades in the subtle, honed, movements of Chun Li Style.
-1 for not trying to jump off the side of the screen.

+1 for acknowledging his burgeoning inner-femininity.
if i was ever picky, i would be unhappy he didnt try to jump off the car.

but yes, yes for that proclamation.

Mocap for the next Mortal Kombat.
Somebody troll him again, right now his youtube channel is filled with sonichu audio books made by himself.
He posted a video three days ago demanding that if anyone knows an elementary school kid in Frankfurt KY named Clyde Cash to call the cops on him. So I think he's in the middle of some yet to be published trolling.


we now have everything we need from which to extract sprites for a mugen mod.
I'm pretty sure he already did a video of various poses with the purpose of having people make a mugen character for him. But he somehow only shot himself from the waist up. Or was that someone else?

nvm, it was big al

Not hard to get the two mixed up, both are fat losers with glasses.

Jack Dalton
Chris-Chan is a real-life parody of the internet, which also makes him perhaps one of its great treasures.
I just hope this doesn't devolve into an actual physical confrontation. A 14 year old would hand him his ass.
I'm not so sure, Chris probably has retard strength which gives him an extra 2d10% strength. Not to mention the 14 year old's -20% strength.

Chris is trying to LARP F.A.T.A.L.
("I look forward to the eventuality of you and me having our sex time together.")

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