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Desc:Classic football fan interaction
Category:Sports, Stunts
Tags:football, booze, catch, spectator
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Comment count is 11
The Bears could use this guy cause they suck.

Football could use this guy cause it's the most interesting thing to happen in football this year, and it had nothing to do with any of the roided up medical idiots who play it.
This year? It's from 1995.

But, yeah, football games (as with most organized sports) are insanely dull unless you're either playing in them, coaching them, or betting on them.

-2 for video quality, but, +2 for the 90s man-tail.

But, yeah, football games (as with most organized sports) are insanely dull unless you're either playing in them, coaching them, betting on them or incredibly intoxicated.

this nes game has shitty graphics
What's with the ratings!? That is the single most awesome act of athletic prowess in a sports fan since Scrodius Maximus rolled off his wine soaked slab to catch that discus in the Second Olympics!
I thought Scrodius Maximus was in Gwar.

I remember when this happened because I worked at the NFL at the time and I thought "Wow, this is going to cause a lot of consternation at work tomorrow, a lot of hand wringing and talk about new rules to prevent anything like this from happening again." And it was even worse than I thought it would be.

No Fun League indeed.

Tuan Jim
tell it, you monster.

I think one anecdote sums it up; a coworker was in a conference call the next day about whether or not we could use the footage in any program, and he told me some league douche kept going, "We cannot encourage this type of behavior. We are the NFL."

Makes perfect sense; appeal to young males, pack 70,000 in one building, sell them beer and alcohol, show them grown men violently hitting each other...we can't tolerate them acting aggressively or having fun...

The league office itself was comprised of worthless corporate assholes. No difference between them and blowholes at Halliburton or GM or any big company.

Way better than the actual game.
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