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Toenails - 2009-09-27

My God, the music they felt they had to add to the exorcism clips.

Xenocide - 2009-09-27

The lord came into him.

Infamous - 2009-09-27

Yeah, if you know what I....

You know what? No. I'm not doing this.

Zarathustra00 - 2009-09-27

Stars for you

twinkieafternoon - 2009-09-27

"If the thoughts are still there, then what came out that day?"

So, when Tyra pulls her hair back does she suddenly become reasonable, sensible, and adept at interviewing, at the expense of looking much more fuckable?

Gayperson - 2009-09-27

he'll kill himself within a year.

James Woods - 2009-09-27


memedumpster - 2009-09-28

Nah, that's the old way of doing things. In this crazy 21st century postmodern world he can identify as hardcore straight and cheat on every woman he dates with men.

oddeye - 2009-09-27

He is still hella fucking gay and will be fucking gays in hell.

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