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Desc:Bruce Vilanch couldn't write gags this funny!
Category:Humor, Sports
Tags:cruise, robert stack, stack, everything I do is terrible
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Comment count is 7
I like that the only non-white people are either serving you or dancing.
And Robert Stack is awesome even while quietly deriding his wife.
I'm watching this expecting the Unsolved Mysteries theme at every transition
You mean like the time he hosted an entire show on ghosts by being filmed with the Queen Mary?

Cruise people are the worst people.
You can say that again revdrew, and speaking of worst, is that bratwurst I see over at the Grand Pool Smorgasbord?

I think it is, baleen!

The Townleybomb
Jeesus Christ, talk about champagne a little more why don't you you fuckin' lush.
I don't trust any ship that large that doesn't have some kind of energy beam weapon.
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