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Desc:what movie do you THINK it's from
Category:Classic Movies, Sports
Tags:kung fu, Master of the Flying Guillotine, flying guillotine
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Yoga Flame! Yoga Flame! Yoga FIRE
j lzrd / swift idiot

You know... this reminds me that we have Halloween Costume Parties coming up.

How about a "Halloween Costume Ideas Week" sometime this coming October?

Me? I think I'm going to go as Glenn Beck from the 1990s. That or Time Travel Mishap (I was Cena_Mark last year, but I kept getting punched in the mouth)
Who's going to look after his owl now?
The owl's just glad to be out of there in one piece.

Between this and Fantasy Mission Force Jimmy could had run for president of earth, and win.
hey I don't think that Indian is actually Indian
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