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Desc:Eats larvae, dual-weilds spray cans
Category:Educational, Nature & Places
Tags:hornets, Japan, Also his balls are huge, also his beard is epic
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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The poor ozone. :C

Also, I think the reason all hives taste different is because he has sprayed different brands of poison on them...
That which kills your enemies can only make you stronger.

Or slide into a poison-induced delerium.

Syd Midnight
Please remember that Japanese hornets are the size of a thumb and 5 can kill a dog, or one really angry one. Do a web search. Some countries have air forces less powerful than a nest of Japanese hornets. Japan isn't allowed to have an air force because they have these. Japanese hornets took out 5 US planes during WW2.

Syd Midnight
Thus deserves an "also his balls.." tags

"his balls are huge tag" is a must, considering how fit he is for his age and for the fact that he invented the "spray kata".

Also that beard is epic.

Also his balls are huge.

I concur
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Ironic hell is going to be pretty stingy.
Needs slo mo and a flock of doves.
somewhere over the rainbow

When the army isn't enough, when the air force put you on hold, you call the one man who will always get the job done...no questions asked:

Katsuya Muramatsu: Hornet Assassin

Tonight's episode: Hickory, Dickory...Dead
Five-level nest for you.

This really isn't overkill. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asian_giant_hornet
This guy is bad-ass.
Fuck yeah, he should be Grandpa Nukem in a new FPS or something.
That old man could kick the living shit out of every poster on this site. Twice.

The hornets he's handling in a t-shirt and chinos are the same ones that are in that one video where seven of them kill a whole hive of honeybees in like, thirty minutes.

Well, not the SAME ones, but you know what I mean.
Johnny Madhouse
He's like a honey badger in man-shape!
He fights the suzumebachi - literally "sparrow wasps" - they're called that because they're the size of a fucking sparrow, and are safety-orange and black. Nature decided they were so fucking horrific it went past yellow to SAFETY ORANGE. These things will watch you, hungrily, from twenty feet, tracking your movements. They nest underground as well, and if you walk into a nest, well, there are deaths every year. One once spent a day chewing through my (admittedly paper-covered) window, probably with intent to nest in my skull. I've stomped on several and they usually take 2-3 stomps before they stop trying to crawl toward you. The stinger they pack is half an inch long and will penetrate leather.

This man is my hero. I hated these things.
j lzrd / swift idiot
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