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Desc:The average age of the girls was about thirteen at the time.
Category:General Station
Tags:sexual harassment, japanese television, Berryz Koubou, Sayaka Aoki, Music Fighter
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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Comment count is 40
Spoiler: the ugliest woman in this video sexually molests the only dude on the show. The lesson here is that if you get a bunch of women in a room with one dude, the ugliest one will try extraordinarily hard to get attention.
Muddy Mae Suggins
I hope I grow up to be as smart and insightful as THA SUGAH RAIN.

I really enjoy that 4chan is now the default mode on the internet.

Buddy she was the only woman on the show. The rest were little girls. There is a difference you know.

Also, she was not ugly.

Tuan Jim
My response to THA SUGAH RAIN's post:

I cried

It was scary.

It was disgusting.

So the "Ugliest" woman is the only one on the show that's over 13? Whatever you say THA PEDO RAIN.

Yeah, def should have read the description.

That woman looks weird for sure, also, what the hell is she doing after she grabs the guy's package?

Muddy Mae Suggins
I forgot to give stars. These stars are really for "THA PEDO RAIN."

Risky: she was acting like she was going to wipe the dick cooties on the little girls.

Everyone else: Sugah Rain can't be a pedo, as these girls are clearly pubescent.

Clever Name
Was that the Mario swimming sound effect?

well sug, you finally got a cena name! its like a bar mitzvah on poetv of sorts, except no one carries you on chairs and you alone walk with the knowledge that you are now a man. except poor, poor toenails, who doesn't have a nickname.

I've called him toefails and hoenails.

Of course this video is taking like a year and a half to get off the front page.

she was gutsy! that's hot.

also bonus stars for the mario swimming sounds as she lunged towards the girls.

Frank Rizzo
I was not expecting any of that.
Yeah muddy it was either that or THA SUGAH PEDO, or PEDO SUGAH RAIN.

You made the right call.

do you keep a list of them on a sheet?

The Townleybomb
This makes perfect sense. It would be like if your mom beat up your dad in the United States. It's a shocking and vulgar role reversal.
Caminante Nocturno
It's a real shame that America's child celebrities aren't subjected to this sort of thing.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I think Dakota Fanning has enough problems with her mom signing her up for rape scenes.

5 stars! What is happening???? Show me the money! Lady grab crotch! How can that be!! Girls are laughing!

Goethe and ernie
In the UK, a few tears will galvanise the camera crew into action - a gentle zoom, let's give some airtime to those salty hot tears of regret, but subtly. In Japan? SHE'S CRYING SHE'S CRYING SHE'S CRYING SHE'S REALLY CRYING *sirens go off*
they have a siren for everything attached to lights that flashes!

Just when I was getting really bored, it took an interesting turn.
Tuan Jim
I cried.

It was scary.

It was disgusting.
If we're giving stars out for evil then everyone in this video gets at least one star for bad crazy.
Dr Dim
I can't help thinking that the part where they are comparing the relative sexiness of two prepubescent girls is way creepier than the ball grab.
Tuan Jim
I thought that was why the video was submitted until the crazy shit happened.

Jet Bin Fever
So this the reason birthrate is so low in Japan.
You're damn right it's scary.
They feared she would provoke the tentacle.
I was expecting the girls to be shocked as in "electrocuted." This is still pretty decent, though I'm a wee bit disappointed.
My stars are mostly for her waving her hands threateningly to awesome sound effects.
TM Eddie Honda.

Porn has taught me that Japanese girls are conditioned to cry at the mere thought of cock.
Syd Midnight
I was under the impression that surprise cock grabs are kind of a rude cultural hazing custom there, similar to grab-ass or goosing. I believe they have a word for the act. So this was empowering.

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