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Category:Business, Advertisements
Tags:hot nights, InvisibleCrane, dating sites, #1 catch
Submitted:Teased Vagina
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Comment count is 11
Doctor Arcane
Um.. A dating site wants you to pay for their service? Good grief. Next thing you'll tell me hookers wont do it for free.
"a series of rants"

Fuck no......
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
What is . . . it?

What is it?

Not invisible enough.

"going out there and finding someone"? what's keepin' ya?

I suggest "also his cheeks are huge"/ "also his face is huge" tag.

Dating Sties are those bumps you get on your eyes after dating women of questionable virtue.
"I'll nee g'ya a ha'penny ta find ma true love! What's the point!"

Finally... a True Scotsman.
I prefer tendollarwhores.com.
I don't think anyone that isn't called "Teased Vagina" should be allowed to submit this guy's videos. It fits too perfectly.
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