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Desc:a dog born only to sexually harass
Category:Sports, Video Games
Tags:dog, teen, perro, violador, jaja
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Comment count is 24
Benny Hill has been reincarnated!
That or he's been infused with the spirit of Glenn Quagmire.

I didn't like how he harassed the men
The Townleybomb
Cesar Millan's new technique really does work wonders.
I hear Bill O'reilly makes the same noise.
Doctor Arcane
Man, some new tricks for my dog to learn! Also, what are in the bottles on his side? Maybe he carries around sun-tan lotion? He's just like 'hey baby want to get oiled up'
I don't like the foreign version of The Littlest Hobo.
bakune young
split tail
hiding behind a tree, waiting for the right moment...

on another note, i think some of those girls reacted a little too slowly

split tail
oops! i meant 0:22 hiding behind a tree, etc.

punch drunk babies
I like the first version better

good boy
The crotch-nosing is what dogs want to do 90% of the time anyway, but how did they train the dog to steal bikini tops? CPR dummies wearing bras made of meat?
That bikini heist is literally the best thing I have seen all week.

La Loco
The title translates to rapist dog haha. I think it's so funny that spanish people write laughing as jajajajajaja. When I IM with them I envision them literally going jajajajaja.
for some reason that really, really pisses me off. (the jaja thing)

"Violador Jaja" is a great name for a dog.
Jesus fuck it's like my weekends.
Time Travel Mishap
I would like to purchase this dog
If you listen very closely at the beginning, you can hear Eddie Murphy laughing.
Violabrador, Bra Retriever.

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