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Category:Educational, Stunts
Tags:better sports, the better side of up, workers comp, the proletariat
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Caminante Nocturno
And from that day on, they called him Patches.
Patches is dead!
From now on, you call him Jigsaw!


Time Travel Mishap
Looks like that wasn't in any way her fault so screw workers comp she is rich. Hopefully she still understands what money is so she can enjoy it.
She acted stupid on a ladder but ended up not getting hurt. If she really got compensated it'd be like a double injustice.

It wasn't 'acting stupid', it was part of her job description - to 'zone' the shelves, basically pull product from the back to the front so it a. looks like the store has their shit together and b. is easier for customers to get to. These shelves were pretty high and she needed a ladder to help keep it stocked. These things do happen, the shelving does fall apart. They get old, wear down with time, and constantly holding heavy things doesn't help since they're poorly designed in the first place. I've seen a store manager of a grocery store lose a whole section of spaghetti sauce, on ground level, no ladders involved, and even though he was just doing what should have been routine and this freak thing happened, he still had to swallow his pride and be the target of jokes for a while.

The sooner we can accept that life itself is inherently absurd and will make fools of us all from time to time, the sooner we can begin to heal. Or whatev.

She did nothing wrong. You can clearly see the shelf begin to fall before she even touched it, and at that point she was trying to stop it from falling.

She was obviously high on PCP

The shelf looks like it's bowing outwards even before she gets there

infinite zest
Actually it's going to come out of her paycheck

Looks like she's pulling on it for balance at 0:48. If she's not then I take it back.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Do they pay by the bottle?
WeDIDitFORaShow (1 hour ago) Show Hide

that might be safer then getting the H1N1 Flu shot...
She obviously did something wrong by just getting out of bed that morning.
the top of the shelf should've been affixed to the wall.
RUN DON'T JUST.... aw geeze.
I like how they start to show you the rescue footage, but then stop before they actually get her out.

I smell a sequel!
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