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Desc:Corny promo featuring awkwardly delivered sexual innuendos. Gets weird around 3:50.
Category:Video Games, Advertisements
Tags:pinball, demolition man, Itll Blow You
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Comment count is 11
she mentally fucked the pinball machine!

you could had just said skip to 3:50.

1:09 - "it's like clutching a BIG, HARD cock in each hand! once the big hard cocks are in your hands, you won't wanna let go!" ... or something like that.

Uuuugh... I feel so... DIRTY...! I'm going to go so many showers my entire paycheck will be going to the hot water bill.

Caminante Nocturno
Before I pressed play, I said to myself "I sure hope there's a picture of Dennis Leary on this thing."

As disappointed as I was, I can't give less than five stars to a woman who scores with a pinball game.
Nothing she did to that pinball machine was remotely sexy.

Also at no time have I ever considered a pinball game an adventure. No matter how many ramps it had.
Rum Revenge
This makes me wanna watch the movie.

Also, that guy should've known better than to correct the Nazi lesbian pinball mistress.
5 for demo man. so many multiball modes.
cryokenetic blasts? now you're just making shit up. I really want to hear the vocals recorded by Snipes and Stallone just for the game, too.
5 for the Alex Jones (Obama you wicked wicked devil) scream at 4:37
explosions indicated by lights that say EXPLODE
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