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Desc:Several Japanese TV commentators lose their minds as a driver slings backwards around a corner
Category:Stunts, Sports
Tags:Japan, Nissan, drift, enthusiasm
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Comment count is 11
The Townleybomb
Hyaku ten! Urawaza! Aaaaaaa!
Frank Rizzo
AYAGAZUUYAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLARG BLARG!!!!

spin cycle kitty
I remember when drifters smelled like pee and asked for change at the bus station
It's impossible to drive straight.
That car needs new tires! Imagine driving that thing on ice. I hope the driver is okay. Shaken, surely.
Mike Tyson?!
I was going to submit this but I figured it'd get 1 stared.

Anyway, he had a lot of entry speed but no transfer. Hmph.
Mike Tyson?!
Er, angle.

Going to bed now.

Godard's Drinking Problem
this is all foreign to me

(wakka wakka wakka)
j lzrd / swift idiot
When you said slings backwards around a corner, I thought I was about to see someone drift a car in reverse.

I am very disappointed.
Big fucking deal. These guys have obviously never heard of midget dirt track racing. Rednecks have you beat, Japan.
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