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Desc:Second verse, same as the first.
Category:Advertisements, Nature & Places
Tags:discovery channel, Dicsovery channel, boom de yada, OPTIMUS PRIME OUT OF NOWHERE, spoilers in tags
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Comment count is 27
Yes, I realize "dicsovery channel" is a typo.

(the cash cab guy is totally my favorite bit)
You know you can change that anytime, right?

It was a tough decision, but -2 because I love originality, and I love good movies (Boom de yada, Boom de yada...).

The original version was posted with "dicsovery channel" as a tag. I included it here so it'd link back to the first one, not because I'm fucking illiterate and don't know how tags work.

Jesus christ.

"Christ" with a capital C. What are you, illiterate?

Also, what is a cash cab? Because if it's what it sounds like, I'm telling your mother. Don't sell your body for money deary.

In short, the fact that I misunderstood what you meant is totally your fault. Anyone with half a brain knows how tags work, and any reported 'mistakes' I have previously made with tags are a result of the Bilderberg group. Any denials on your part only serve as further proof.

Cash Cab is a game show where unsuspecting people in NY hail a cab, get in, tell the driver their destination, and suddenly the ceiling lights up and msuic plays and they have until they reach their destination to answer a bunch of questions or so for cash. And if they miss three questions they get dropped off wherever they happen to be.

More like "dicsuckery channel".

dickwankery channel

Before I read this thread, I was gonna give 5 stars for the tags. I'm still gonna do that, but I'm adding an extra 10 to 53 for this thread.

Yes, yes it does.
-1 for the fighter pilot not killing something related to the person next to the pyramid.
The original was one of the best commercials in forever, so I'm fine with five-starring the sequel. But don't push your luck, Discovery Channel.
More or less.

I agree. 5 stars, but I suggest quitting before you jump the shark.

Dicsovery channel, you're on notice!

speaking of jumping the shark, I didn't see any Shark Week stuff in there >:(

MC Scared of Bees
Dude leaps out of a helicopter to land on a shark, that's close enough for me.

I thought that was a marlin.

MC Scared of Bees
Close. Enough. For. Me.

same phylum, jeez!

Frank Rizzo
even better then the first one
I still can't argue with this airtight song.
The Faghorn
Shows the Holi festival, the best festival.
-1 for transformers. It would have been great with out the transformers, but someone couldn't keep their pants on.
The Transformers bit is clearly great because they went and actually got the actor to record "BOOM-DE-YADA BOOM-DE-YADA" in that over-the-top voice.

You know, its a commercial, but like the first one, it's a good summary of the planet we live on. The world itself is better than us, so cheer up losers, it's better than we'll ever allow our perceptions to be, no matter how many Chris Chans, SFW fetish weeks or 2girls,1 cups there many be.
Fuck that noise.
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