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Desc:Whoops: They're cage fighters in dresses.
Category:Crime, Sports
Tags:Transvestite, justice, chavs, karma, cage fighters
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Comment count is 9
Can't see shit.
It's only 1:11 - 1:45
skip the rest, or skip it all

Holy shit, that's just over in a flash. They hassle them and then BAM, they're on the ground in seconds and looking like they're not having fun.


Too bad the video quality is shit, though.
Shirtlessness, bigotry, beaten by trannies, and in police custody. Good times.
Being beaten by trannies should be the customary punishment for bigotry.

La Loco
I liked it more the first time I saw it, on liveleak months ago.
Hay Belly
You submitted a 1978 Underoos ad, don't be dissing something a few months old. This is glorious, especially the after-affects.

The subject matter is five stars, the video quality is confusing and barely watchable.
After the shirtless guy hits blondie in the face, the raven haired cross-dresser comes around the side, and cracks both shirtless and fat guy in the jaw, knocking them out. I missed it at first; you have to watch very closely.

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