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Desc:The dreamer has awoken... in plastic block form. All will bleed.
Category:Humor, Classic TV Clips
Tags:lego, Cthulhu, Elder Gods, toys I want
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Comment count is 19
a flaming monkey
fucking finally.
Sick Man
i know right

Mister Shady
Horribly done. Lovecraft is rolling in his fucking grave because of this travesty. And what the FUCK is a cooloo?
It's your mom.

Adham Nu'man

If Lovecraft is rolling in his grave, it's because of the Worm That Will Not Die, not because of a 30-second video, you massive twat.

with that fucking post, the collective IQ of the forum dropped a full five point.

which puts us at about five points.

Way to be a fuckup Mr. Shady.

Sick Man
you can't pronounce it "right" until you can fit twenty-six dicks in your mouth so don't act smart here son

If Lovecraft was rolling in his grave over anything it would be massive frustration over the fact that NOW he's fucking popular and he didn't see a dime of it.

He had a tremendous sense of humor about his own work, though, and probably would have loved this shit.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I think if Lovecraft were spinning in his grave he'd want to write about it, and how terrifying beyond description it was.

But, of course, the set does not include the firing cannon because that will shoot your damn eyes out!
Sick Man
sound's out of sync, though
Cthulu is still funny on the internet?

Who knew?
"The dreamer has awoken"

What kinda of freakin' lego pieces do you need to create obscene geometry anyway?
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