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Desc:What was true in 2001 is still true today.
Category:Humor, Video Games
Tags:Benny Hill, call of duty, MW2, Modern Warfare 2, Yackety Sax
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Comment count is 8
Does not jive well with the video. Even at 2x speed it doesn't seem to fit.
Between this and the landmine video, I can't help but hear innocent bystanders screaming when I hear this song.
I can't wait for our Elite to get back from Microsoft so that I can play this.
Sell your house to Bobby Kotic so you can play the latest piece of shit title activision have crapped out.

No thanks.

This is what video games have turned into? We had so much more potential than making parodies of the Columbine Incident.
I hope the developers are proud of themselves.
This game is only worth 1 star, which is just for the exploded juicebox effect when you get injured.
That effect always bothers me. It is lovingly-detailed yet not physically-accurate, and blood splatters shouldn't just fade away.

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