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Desc:Palin's almost-son-in-law going rogue
Category:Arts, Stunts
Tags:porn, Playgirl, palin
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Comment count is 10
Full Frontal ContraDICKtion
Over 50% of Playgirl readers are male.
I used to like Levi Johnston, but this whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth. My daddy taught me that if you agree to pose for a gay men's skin mag, you damn well give the boys their money's worth.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I would be okay with him showing up to Pride and waving from a float. Just so I could see Palin's reaction.

you used to like levi johnston haha

(1) "Hockey sticks, shirts"

(2) Common-law son in law?
"Common" in the 1880s Oscar Wilde sense, as viewed through a monocle.

This dude knows how to milk fifteen minutes.
Levi Johnston - now that's a name tailor made for gay porn.
Five for reporting that his dick was too small for Playgirl in a roundabout way.

See the issue with Peter Steele for comparison.
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