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Desc:poe theme song
Category:General Station
Tags:Queen, awesome, Dont Stop Me Now, hand fart, manualist
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Comment count is 13
al k duh
pretty impressive. i once figured out how to play "fat-bottomed girls" by rubbing my balls against my thigh.
Hay Belly
My ex could do it with his asshole.

Don't make me tell Vinnie from the video to come over there and shut you two up.

is this the guy that provided the soundtrack to the inappropriate inflatable slide video?

ah youtube

"that's absolutely fantastic. i'm really jealous, because the only thing i can do with my hands is wanking, which is also exciting, but it doesn't sound that good."
j lzrd / swift idiot

Oh, YT Comments. :D

God fucking dammit, why am I singing along??
eat less soy

You all just think it's his hands.
This pretty much is the POE theme song, isn't it?

(Well, either that or the version of Kickstart My Heart with the THE INTERNET IS NOT A TRUCK dubbed over it)
Also: I still love how intense this guy is. Mikey "Hands" Sobriggiano is the most feared manualist in the family, and with good reason.

You're working late at your office, you've had some problems with the mob but you think it's all under control, and then you hear it in the distance, slowly getting closer ...

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