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Desc:a 'man' that left the furrys
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Horror
Tags:furry, Furries
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Comment count is 8
Racist fatbeard.
"Go back to 1993. I was then as I am now a virgin"
a flaming monkey
He went to a lot of trouble coming up with lame excuses for the reason why he became a furry artist. It would have been much easier and more convincing to say:
"hey, you know, I'd really like to fuck an animal person. But since I can't do that I'll just draw them in suggestive poses. I mean I'm really racist, but something about an animal person just does it for me, you know? The scary thing is there are lots of people like me. Even in 1993 there was a demand for furry art. Go fucking figure."
"When are you gonna come back to furry?"
"When are you going to wash your hair?"
hey look, it's that guy at the party with no friends who gets you in a corner and goes on an on about nothing...like this
He really wanted to be an artist, but recognized that artists only have three options: anime, sci-fi, and furry.

He wouldn't do anime because he's racist.

He wouldn't do sci-fi because it would require him to learn how to use art materials in his quest to be an artist.

Makes sense.

(also, looking at his blog, there are a few too-boring-to-post clips involving his being so immersed at the internet while at work as a security guard that he allowed thieves to steal the company truck on his watch. And when the boss came to the warehouse to talk to his supervisors about it, he hopped onto Youtube so that he could make a video of himself going "I'm skeered that they're gonna fire me."

He'd be prime POETV material if he were just a little less banal.

He's banal, but oh so sweetly banal.

I voted it up as soon as he tried to slant his eyes.
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