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Desc:succinct depiction of: Fascist aesthetics, montage, genius
Category:Classic Movies, Sports
Tags:Nazi, diving, Leni Riefenstahl, olympia, Olymics
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My favorite thing about LR is when this guy in my class dropped a bunch of acid and went on stage during one of her performances and totally fucked it up. Then the cops came and arrested him.

Fuck that nazi broad. "oooh I had no idea they were slaves!"
Watch Tokyo Olympiad instead. It's better... Without the guilt!
not that I don't love you, lurchi.

People sure do have strong opinions in the POEverse.

Strong, flippant, ephemeral, meaningless

But have you seen her mountain films? Das Blaue Licht especially. They are all amazingly impressive, even if not "good." I mean really impressive. And then there's the Guy Maddin mountain film pastiche, Careful.

I like how she started doing reversals after 3:00. Very motile.
This is less Fascist aesthetics than Hellenistic/Neoclassical.

A Fasces being a bundle of sticks, and stronger than single stick, fascists aesthetics emphasize communal motion. The torch marches and parade grounds are fascism.

This is just a celebration of athletic bodies. There are practically innumerable classical statues (and copies) it emulates. That Hitler had a fixation on neo-classical aesthetics is incidental. Italian fascism was more futurist, Latin American fascism more conservative.
The Olympics really bring out the best in authoritarian regimes, no matter what their social-economic-racial policies/foundations. See Zhang Yimou's 2008 opening ceremony -- one of the greatest spectacles ever devised by man.

There is never "just" a celebration of athletic bodies. (Capitalism uses the same iconography to sell Gatorade.) And what were the original (non-neo) classical models celebrating?

Stunning, especially the silhouettes against the clouded sky towards the end.
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